KeyTalent helps companies save time, money, and resources by offering an affordable and scalable solution to their resourcing needs.

We learn & understand your business goals and how resourcing aligns with your business planning.

KeyTalent will come in and perform an assessment of your current recruitment model which will include everything from historical hiring data to use of third-party recruitment agencies and technology. We will work closely with you to investigate these areas to deliver a winning combination. This will often result in cost-savings, an increase in quality, and faster time to fill.

There is no one-size-fits-all model. We work with you to determine the model that makes sense for your company. It could be to outsource some or all of your recruiting needs. Our goal is to help you bring talent to the organization, reduce the time to fill, and offer cost-savings alternatives.

From a strategic perspective KeyTalent offers many long-term, strategic benefits as well. Recruitment process outsourcing provides low turnover rates and increased quality of hires. We will also develop talent pipelines that make hiring easier in the future. Slate’s fast-paced recruitment process fills positions quickly and effectively, creating less vacant spots. A more consistent recruitment process also enhances your company brand as an employer, drawing quality talent to your organization.

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